Experience timeless family fun and friendly competition at Dino Park in Kata Beach!

For countless years, we've been delighting families and friends with unforgettable post-dinner adventures.

Our golf course seamlessly blends the enchantment of Jurassic Park with the nostalgic charm of the Flintstones, captivating guests from the very beginning.

At Dino Park, the allure of dinosaurs never goes out of style, ensuring you'll create lasting memories with every visit.

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Dino Park offers an exciting way to cap off a perfect day at the beach! Our exhilarating game promises 30 to 40 minutes of action-packed adventure, and as the competition heats up towards the grand finale, you'll find players picking up the pace.

For the ultimate experience, visit us after dinner when our vibrant lighting adds a dash of magic to the atmosphere and the temperature becomes comfortably cool. And guess what? Some enthusiasts even claim that a little rain makes it even more thrilling!

Join us at Dino Park for an unforgettable evening of fun and excitement.

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